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October 28, 2019

Imposter Syndrome with Eyal Pavell

Welcome to the Meyler Campbell Podcast Series. In this episode Eyal Pavell, Meyler Campbell Faculty Member, explores the subject of Imposter Syndrome. Eyal has been practicing as an executive coach for 20 years but is a clinical psychologist by training. He shares a profound understanding of both the signs of Imposter Syndrome and the tactics that we can deploy to overcome it. Interestingly, Eyal also tells us about some of the more positive aspects of the syndrome. There is some excellent advice in the conversation for everyone, particularly for coaches, as Eyal talks about how to support your coaching clients with their Imposter Syndrome too.

September 12, 2019

The Developmental Relationship with Jon Stokes

Welcome to the Meyler Campbell Podcast Series.  In this episode, we speak to Faculty Member Jon Stokes. Jon has worked as a leadership adviser; business psychologist and he has 20 years’ experience coaching at CEO and board level in a variety of organisations. Jon brings great depth of understanding of psychology, group and organisational dynamics to the challenges faced by leaders. Jon distills all of that insight into this conversation which centers on The Developmental Relationship. It's a fascinating discussion, and Jon signposts some excellent learning points and some challenges for new and experienced coaches.

July 11, 2019

Focus with Anna Phillips

Welcome to the Meyler Campbell Podcast Series. This episode features an in-depth discussion with respected Meyler Campbell faculty member, Anna Phillips. Anna is a leadership coach, a resilience practitioner and a mindfulness teacher. Anna aims to help her clients achieve peak performance while achieving a sense of balance in their lives.

June 27, 2019

Coaching at a Crossroads with Liz Gooster

Welcome to the Meyler Campbell Podcast. In this episode, we speak with Meyler Campbell Faculty Member Liz Gooster. Having had some interesting career changes herself, Liz is particularly interested in working with people who are at a crossroads in their career and those dealing with major life decisions. This is a really interesting conversation about coaching people through these sorts of transitions.

June 13, 2019

Gratitude with Anna Phillips

Welcome to the Meyler Campbell Podcast Series. In this podcast we will be speaking with Faculty Member Anna Phillips about the benefits, the history, and the science of Gratitude. Anna has been at the heart of Meyler Campbell for 15 years; she is a leadership coach, a resilience practitioner, and a certified mindfulness teacher.